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The Encounter Between Two Seas has invited to participate in its first year of existence the Hachemite Kingdom of Jordan as a paradigm close to the principles of tolerance and coexistence which are the pillars of the Encounter.

Jordan fits this mission perfectly, as it is a country being pulled at from all directions. From the Palestinians, who now represent over 50 percent of the Jordanian population after the exodus provoked by the wars in the Middle East. From Israel, caused from the migratory flows of Palestinians, with which it shares the longest border and whose military superiority requires delicate diplomacy. Also from Syria, a highly militarized country and the declared enemy of Israel. And finally from Iraq and Saudi Arabia. To define its position in this complicated situation, Jordan has been making a firm commitment to maintaining smooth, cordial ties with the West, without renouncing its Arab and Muslim culture. Finally, in Jordan there are sizeable communities of Christians who do not suffer from any sort of restrictions in celebrating their rites or building their churches.

The theme of the Encounter, tolerance and solidarity, contributes advances in coexistence and generates new forms of artistic and dialectic expression. In the history of the Arab-Islamic world, Jordan observes tolerance with regard to other cultural forms arising from the very foundation of its society. Peaceful coexistence and mutual respect towards different cultures have been assimilated by Jordanians as modernity and a factor in the development of the  individual.

The call to dialogue is not a whim, but a need inherent to our contemporariness. This exhibition brings us closer to the little-known art of a country committed to dialogue and respect for difference.



Khalid Khreis. Director of the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. Professor at Amman University and an artist.

The artists selected by Jordan to participated in the  Encounter are:

  • Ahmed Khalidi
  • Ammar Khammash
  • Ghada Dahdaleh
  • Hakim Jamain
  • Hani Alqam
  • Jan Kassay
  • Khalid Khreis
  • Mohammad Kaitouqa
  • Oraib Toukan
  • Rajwa Bint Ali
  • Samer Tabbaa
  • Sima Zureikat
  • Suha Shoman
  • Suheil Baqain
  • Wijdan Al Hashemi


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