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1. The Centro del Carmen (calle Museo, 2. Valencia) will host the following two shows:

  • Luz ao Sul (Light in the South), produced by the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo and curated by Agnaldo Farias and Jacopo Crivelli Visconti. It unites some of the best artistic expressions launched by the Bienal de São Paulo over the last 15 years, or which have achieved success and fame there, illustrating the fundamental role that the Bienal de São Paulo has been playing in Latin American art since its foundation in 1951.
  • Africas – Americas. Convergent Encounters: Ancestrality and Contemporaneity curated by Emanoel Araújo, tackles the alterity, so often denied and feared, of the Afro, Amerindian and popular component, whose influence is essential to understanding Latin American art. A new space is thereby created for the debate on non-Eurocentric aesthetics, by taking a look at the fascinating history of the encounters between peoples and their mestizos, which unites Indians, blacks and whites through art. Within the context of this show, there will also be a mini-exhibition curated by the architect Janete Costa on popular Brazilian art, particularly unique and hard to see in Europe, whose modernity and expressive solutions make it an expressive paradigm of contemporary art.

2. In the Nave de Sagunto (Puerto de Sagunto) two exhibitions will be held:

  • Other Versions of the Contemporary: The Trials of Coexistence, curated by Ticio Escobar and Kevin Power, is an exhibition consisting of artists from different Latin American countries. The show explores the disturbances produced in contemporary art as a result of having to live together in a world marked by exclusion, focusing on a specific context: Latin America, and on a particular area of production: that of contemporary art. The curatorial discourse of this show explores both scenarios, conditioned by the particularities of visual production as well as by the paradoxes of art today.
  • Anamnesis. Crossroads of Memory and the Insights of the Real, curated by Pedro Alberto Cruz Sánchez, Ricardo Forriols, Fernando Golvano and Piedad Solans, presents us with a selection of Spanish artists, in which the most innovative art is joined by the influences of the past, the experimentation with new technologies and the exploration of memory and the real through the association of ideas and images.

3. The exhibition space La Gallera (calle Aluders, 7. Valencia) will take part in the show Other Versions of the Contemporary: The Trials of Coexistence.

4. The historic campus of the Universidad de Valencia (calle Universidad, 2. Valencia) will be the site of the following show:

  • Jordan: Transculturality and Tolerance, curated by Khaled Khreis. This exhibition gives us a chance to discover the little-known art of Jordan, which participates in this year's Encounter as a guest country, as an example of tolerance in a conflict-ridden environment.
  • At the Universidad de Valencia, there will also be a Seminar in which various aspects addressed by the Encounter Between Two Seas will be addressed.

5. Thirteen Valencian galleries will offer shows that make up part of the Encounter:

    • Galería i Leonarte (Valencia)
    • La Nave Galería (Valencia)
    • Galería Tomás March (Valencia)
    • My name´s Lolita Art (Valencia)
    • Paz y Comedias (Valencia)
    • Galería Punto (Valencia)
    • Galería Rosa Santos (Valencia)
    • Galería Rosalía Sénder (Valencia)
    • Galería Val i 30 (Valencia)
    • Galería Valle Ortí (Valencia)
    • Galería Color Elefante (Valencia)
    • Galería Aural (Alicante)
    • Galería Cánem (Castellón)

6. At the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Camino de Vera, s/n. Valencia) several workshops will be held by artists participating in the different exhibitions of the Encounter.

7. At the headquarters of the IVAC - La Filmoteca (Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 17. Valencia) a cycle of Latin American films will be shown.


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