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Other Versions of the Contemporary: The Trials of Coexistence  is the title of one of the shows that will be presented at La Nave de Sagunto and La Gallera, and which will show the infinite richness of Latin American art. It is an in-house production with a carefully chosen selection of Latin American artists who have a lot to say in today's art world.

This exhibition aims to examine the contemporariness of art from different places and through very different forms, including the most experimental and cutting-edge works, but also the art of different cultures: indigenous, mestizo, from immigrant minorities and alternative sectors. The requirements are that the works be current, that they have been executed recently and that they are dynamic productions, devoted to the present and enthused about the future, and above all, that they engage in a dialogue with their time.

Very different times and cultures coincide in the "contemporary." We live in a world that we share with very different cultures and peoples. The values of living together in harmony, tolerance and solidarity are fundamental, as they help us bridge the gaps between these diverse positions.

In a globalized world, the concept of cultural diversity becomes more and more important, as does the need to affirm values for coexistence through art. Since the fall of the Twin Towers and the new world order that emerged with it, these values of solidarity and tolerance are more necessary than ever to face the complexity of positions in today's world.

There is no single model of the "contemporary." In the time we live in, contemporariness is conceived from disparate positions. Art is an effective mechanism for facing time itself: it modifies the illusion of linear time and allows memory to interrupt the present, making room for difference. "Contemporary" does not mean something homogenous; there are many different presents and many different expressions of contemporary art. The notion that only Western art is contemporary is a myth that denotes an ethnocentric position with colonialist overtones and must be eradicated.

The concept of the shared encounter, above and beyond the seas, is a metaphor for a will for solidarity and coexistence. But also for an effort to bridge distances, to productively foster difference and make it a principle of cultural enrichment.


  • Ticio Escobar. Independent art critic and advisor to the Museo del Barro of Asunción, recently awarded the Bartolomé de las Casas prize.
  • Kevin Power. Art critic specialized in Latin America and professor at the Universidad de Alicante, he has been deputy director of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.
The artists who will participate in this exhibition are:
  • Abraao Batista
  • Alejandro Paz
  • Beto Gutiérrez
  • Bernardo Oyarzun
  • Betsabé Romero
  • Bosco Lisboa
  • Che Lovelace
  • Colectivo CADA
  • Cristian Alarcón Ismodes
  • Cristina Piffer
  • Douglas Pérez
  • Edgar Endress
  • Eduardo Coutinho
  • Ernesto Salmerón
  • Fabio Kacero
  • Fernando Bryce
  • Francisco de Almeida
  • Fredi Casco
  • Gabriela Golder
  • GAC y Colectivo H.I.J.O.S.
  • Gastón Ugalde
  • Gertrudis Rivalta
  • Gonzalo Díaz
  • Grupo Mondongo
  • Henry Eric
  • Hew Locke
  • Itzel Martínez del Cañizo
  • Jaime Davidovich
  • Jennifer Allora y Guillermo Calzadilla
  • Joaquín Sánchez
  • Jorge de León
  • José Alejandro Restrepo
  • José Celestino
  • José Paulo
  • Juan Carlos Rodríguez
  • Juan Enrique Bedoya
  • Juan Manuel Echevarría
  • Justo Pastor
  • León Ferrari
  • Leticia Parente
  • Lotty Rosenfelf
  • Marcelo Brodsky
  • Márcio Almeida
  • Marcos Ramírez ERRE
  • María Cândido Monteiro Rafael
  • María de Lourdes Cândido Monteiro
  • María do Socorro Cândido Monteiro
  • Marta Minujín
  • Mauricio Dias & Walter Riedweg
  • Mike Cerro Azul
  • Mónica Carballas
  • Nicolás Camargo
  • Nury González
  • Osvaldo Salerno
  • Patricia Moran
  • Paula Delgado y Julia Castagno
  • Pedro Álvarez
  • Regina José Galindo
  • Ricardo Lanzarini
  • Rolando Vargas y Catherine Cely
  • Saidel Brito
  • Sara Maneiro
  • Sergio Muniz
  • Teresa Margolles
  • Thelma de Rocha
  • Walter Iraheta
  • Wilger Sotelo
  • Wuedes
  • Yishai Jusidman
  • Yucef Merhi


The in-house exhibition presented here arises as a response to the need to pay special attention to emerging art —though not necessarily by young artists— in Spain. In it, creators will freely experiment with new technologies and explore new artistic languages. The notions of coexistence and dialogue dominate a proposal that is fueled by encounter, diversity and exchange.

Four Spanish curators from different generations, Pedro Alberto Cruz, Ricardo Forriols, Fernando Golvano and Piedad Solans, are in charge of fostering this dialogue, sustained on the fact that, despite the revolutionary, transgressive vocation of modern art, the past will continue to have an influence, something that becomes more and more evident as we further explore the languages favored by new technological media.

The artists thus delve into memory and the real through the association of ideas and images, which fall under the proposals Labyrinths of subjectivity, the Poetics/Politics of memory or The technology of memory. They probe reality and desire, in a context marked by the recent notion of “glocal”, that dimension which unites the local and the global.

Thus, the most recent contemporary art has merely continued to pursue many of the themes and preoccupations that have been topics of reflection throughout the history of art. The project Anamnesis seeks to investigate, to engage in an open dialogue between art which has emerged in the past few decades and certain positions of the past which continue to exert a constant influence on multiple levels: iconographical, conceptual, social, psychological…

The crossroads between the past and the present, together with the dialogue generated between innovation and persistence, articulates the meaning of the individual proposals of Anamnesis.


  • PEDRO ALBERTO CRUZ SÁNCHEZ: Professor of Art History at the Universidad de Murcia and Director of the Centro de Documentación y Estudios Avanzados de Arte Contemporáneo (Center for Documentation and Advanced Studies of Contemporary Art, CENDEAC).
  • RICARDO FORRIOLS: Professor of the Audiovisual Communication, Documentation and Art History department at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and associate dean of International Relations at the Facultad de Bellas Artes de San Carlos.
  • PIEDAD SOLANS: A doctor in Art History, she has done studies on French Art and Literature at l'École du Louvre and La Sorbonne University, the Institut Cuch and the Institut International of Switzerland.
  • FERNANDO GOLVANO: Professor of Aesthetics and Art Theory at the Universidad del País Vasco. He is the author of several monographs on contemporary artists and has curated around 20 contemporary art shows since 1993.

Artists participating in the exhibition:

  • Avelino Sala
  • Begoña Carrasco
  • Carlos Irijalba
  • Cristina Lucas
  • David Ferrando
  • Democracia
  • Eugenio Ampudia
  • Francis Naranjo
  • Jana Leo
  • Jesús Segura
  • José Ronco
  • Linarejos
  • Lorena Amorós
  • Mateo Mate
  • Moisés Mañas
  • Montserrat Soto
  • Oliver Jonson
  • Pividal
  • Raúl Belinchón
  • Regina de Miguel
  • Sükrü Karakus
  • Toni Abad
  • Txuspo Poyo
  • Unai San Martín
  • Valeriano López
  • Xavier Arenós

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